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No. ltROW is not designed for pre-kindergartners; however, if you find that your learners are ready for Lesson I, you might want to give them a head start.

No. If learners are struggling with reading, no matter the age, it means they have not learned the knowledge and skills taught in grades K-3 (phonics being a large part of that knowledge). Therefore, they must learn phonics, which happens to be codes of the language in which they are expected to read, write, and speak.

Adults start with Lesson I because they need the knowledge and skills taught in grades K-3 in order to learn to read or improve their reading. Research shows that people who struggle with reading are usually missing the skills and knowledge taught in grades k-3.

Usually, after one review of the role- your role is to guide learners through the learning process. Simply follow the instructor’s directives and ensure that learners stay on target and are accurate when completing their tasks. I am teaching the lessons.

Four are highly recommended - partners can be easily formed, and that size is easy to manage.

1-2 weeks when using ltROW, 2-3 hours daily.

One (1) month. Then, you may buy the next lesson in sequence.

At least 8. It is recommended that the lessons be taught in groups of 4s, and if the facilitator is skilled, two groups of 4 learners (8), 1 group at a time (2 sessions), will easily complete the lesson in 1 month. If a teacher is facilitating the lesson, she might increase the number of groups. More groups of learners can be accommodated when lessons are projected on a large screen.

Daily. Learners can schedule time during the summer, vacations, or camps or anytime with successive days. We want to create new habits- reading more and loving it.

Yes, but it is designed for optimal results with at least 2 or more.

Yes - you can google "anti-bias" and "teaching for social justice" for curricula and strategies.

It could if the learners are of school age or an adult. The progress and pace may be slower.