Join Our Movement!

If you want actions to transform our racist classrooms, join us for several sessions on Zoom here

Join Our Movement!

 Transform Our Racist Classrooms

If you want actions to take to transform our racist classrooms, join us for several sessions where teachers, learners, parents and others, transform our classrooms into 21st century places of learning that encourage the brilliance, intelligence, and inventiveness of African Americans (all learners) to shine.

Each session focuses on how teachers and learners, working together, can:

  • Transform classrooms from autocratic, racist, 18th-20th century, teacher- focused systems, to a democratic, non-racist, learner-centered system, quickly and easily.

  • Coplan and coteach to learn from each other, use the interests, strengths, history and culture of learners to create relevant (real world) curriculum utilizing learner generated instructional strategies.

  • Freely learn their “authentic” history and culture.

  • Create nurturing environments for bored and unchallenged students to become engaged high achievers.

Our collaborative will assist you and your learners in implementing the actions you deem appropriate to transform classrooms. Invite learners to come with you.

Read the book written for teachers and learners, by our facilitator, Dr. Bettye Haysbert, “Liberating Teaching and Learning: Turn it Upside Down and Watch African Americans (All Learners) SOAR!" and/or

Start A Reading Explosion Across the Nation

If you want to change the dismal reading statistics (view statistics at this site) of African Americans and others, join us in quickly teaching groups of struggling readers to read and they will teach others what they know. Read the review of the lessons. Talk with us on Tuesdays to learn how you want to participate! Let’s do this!!

About the facilitator

Dr. Bettye Haysbert is an educator of many years in different capacities, trainer, school change agent, and author. For more -


Tuesdays, 4:30 – 5:30pm, PST

Join our Movement at the zoom link below.